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Help, family in need: I JUST DON'T KNOW... I feel like I'm NOT getting better but I'm just barely teetering at

MzRisaR started this conversation
I JUST DON'T KNOW... I feel like I'm NOT getting better but I'm just barely teetering at the WORST-- I ended up in the hospital, went to see my family dr on Monday and he straight admitted me into the hospital stayed for 3 days for cellulitis in my right foot... MaaaN it was baaad but got me hooked up to iv antibiotics and then sent home with them.. so, so happy I didn't have to get another picc line put in again

I'm so close to getting into school but then so far from needing to start-- I keep praying everyday that things are going to get better that all is going to look good for OUR FUTURE but then I get kicked back just a little bit I think to make sure I'm keeping it together, well that's my explanation of things

I had to ANOTHER application for food stamps- medical && cash assistance.. I really need it

I've been here asking for help but if there is ANYONE out there reading this && can help I and my family WE WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE IT... I can't walk around not even to do things around the house I have to keep both feet elevated until I see the dr on Friday May 9. I want good news LORD please

Gift cards or whatever you think you can help US with.. message me and I will definitely give you my information--- I need to get this to come together I'm shooting for an October finish for school I will even go until the end of this 2014 if I have to but I'm going to graduate.. I'm going to be apart of the working world again && I'm NOT giving up-- I want better health, I want to stay on this earth as long as I can, I want to just be here for my children who still need me.......... PLEASE I hope SOMEONE out there can help US
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Keep your faith. You will get in school and back into the work world. God has a time planned for everyone and everything.

I will keep praying for you as you are praying for me.
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